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April 17, 2008 - • Twins o Increase the German population...

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Problems Unique to the Holocaust and Moral Issues Hierarchy of suffering People try to appear as though they have suffered more than anyone else o Rewarded for being pathetic o Holocaust survivors Not in Auschwitz Tattoos in different areas Dangerous in some areas (Poland) to have a Holocaust tattoo How many times shot For respect? o Tattoo – number assigned (lower numbers were there longer) Competing for pity? o The one who gets the pity is the ‘winner’ Sterilization of Jewish men and women Experiments Cold weather o How do you revive someone quickly?
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Unformatted text preview: • Twins o Increase the German population • Auschwitz o Identical twins taken and did pain experiments to see if the other twin felt pain • Experiments were a huge deal for the Germans o Any Doctor that used German information from these experiments is socially unaccepted Holocaust is focused in the US (Americanization of the Holocaust) • Very little museums to see in Europe o Survivors came to US? o We are more sensitive to the issue? o Europeans want to not think about it?...
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