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INST 332 - Notes for Exam 2

INST 332 - Notes for Exam 2 - Monday Project Presentations...

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Monday March 31, 2008 Project Presentations 1. First Four present April 14, 2008 2. 25 Minutes – can be less 3. Follow the Rubric (WebCT) 4. Warm-up – motivation: worksheet, story, introduction Instructional Styles Real life experiences Wide variety of teaching styles INTERACTIVE VS. DIDACTIC – MULTICULTURAL TEACHING o Know differences in these teaching styles o Interactive Interacts with the students and circulates the room     Authority figure but friend     Thinks internationally and globally     Instruction is child-centered     Non-verbal communication (discipline included)     Democratic     Walks around classroom Students in groups (cooperative grouping) Many positive things when students work in groups or pairs. Facial expressions of all students Humor Greeted students & developed relationships o Didactic Impersonalized    
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