Relationships - Relationships I. Selection a. Natural:...

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Intimacy Romantic Love Companionate Love Consumate Love Fatuous Love Passion (sexual) Commitment Relationships I. Selection a. Natural: genes that increase the odds of reproducing and leaving descendants will become more common; that which was adaptive in the past, may not be adaptive in the new environment b. Sexual: natural selection operates on characteristics that contribute to an organisms mating success but not necessarily to their survival i. Ex. peacock’s tail c. There are similarities in most adaptations between genders, however, areas like sexual selection, different challenges faced II. Gender Mate Preferences a. Differences in minimum parental investment i. Time woman invests (fem.-9 months; males-minutes?) b. Males invest “widely”-sperm c. Females invest “wisely”-(25 reproductive years-menopause) i. Pursue different strategies to increase reproductive chances, look for different things in relationships III. Mate Selection a. Both genders look for kindness and intelligence i. But, women look for good providers-rearing to offspring ii. Men look for fertility b. Difference also shown in willingness to engage in “short-term relationships” i. Female-likelihood of intercourse for strangers=0 ii. Males-considering intercourse 1. At five years difference disappears c. Ideal number of life partners i. Females-lifetime: 5 ii. Males-lifetime: 16 IV. Hatfield: Attractive Stranger Study a. “I have been noticing you around campus. I find you very attractive. Would you…” i. Go out tonight?-same likelihood ii. Come over to my apartment?-70%men, 10% women iii. Go to bed?-15% women V. Jealousy: Buss Theory (relationship to evolution challenges) a. “Paternity uncertainty” vs. “Loss of investment” i. Paternity uncertainty: investing resources on passing on genes makes… ii. Loss of investment: investing resources in raising a child b. Differential Activation (of jealousy) i. “Sexual infidelity” ii. “Emotional infidelity” c. Gender differences because of evolution challenges VI. Buss Question a. “Think of a committed relationship-what would upset you more?” i. Sexual Infidelity
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1. Men-60%
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Relationships - Relationships I. Selection a. Natural:...

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