Persuasion - Persuasion * process of consciously trying to...

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Persuasion * process of consciously trying to change attitudes (usually through the transmission of some message) Bad persuasion: propaganda, hate literature, etc. Yale Model Hovland and colleagues (1950’s) Started for a specific reason. There were a lot of shortages during WWII, especially food…so they tried to persuade people to eat liver by calling it a “variety meat” Message-learning approach : The process of persuasion. .. exposure attention - source understanding - message learning yielding - recipient retention - channel Input variables: Who says what to whom (and with what effect)?” (also looked at how the message was presented) Who: The source of the communication * credibility Hovland & Weiss (1951) - atomic submarine…tried to persuade people on the practicality of building one. The persuasiveness of a professional versus a silly article… and the more credible source was more persuasive. sleeper effect : increase in effectiveness over time of an initially ineffective message – when they asked the atomic submarine question after 3 weeks, the less credible source became more effective because you remember the message longer than you remember where the message came from. We forget the source more quickly than we forget the message! * a low-trustworthy source could become credible by arguing against his vested interest When will you be more persuaded by a drug dealer? You often find someone more trustworthy when they’re arguing against their vested interest. They had an attorney as high credibility interest & drug dealer as low credibility interest. The drug dealer would
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Persuasion - Persuasion * process of consciously trying to...

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