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Emotion Darwinian Tradition 0. Emotions have adaptive functions - Ex. Disgust – spitting out, Anger- attack 1. Universality of emotions 0. Focus on emotional displays Human Facial Expressions 2. Ekman et al. 1. Cross-cultural studies - Found an isolated tribe in New Guinea and showed them photos of emotional expressions - 64%-100% accuracy, lower accuracy comes from mixing up surprise and fear - Studied in Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, etc. - Similar findings 2. Happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, disgust Display Rules 3. Learning can mask universal facial expressions o Can vary by culture 3. Friesen (1972) “gruesome film” study 0. Japanese vs. American reactions o During the film they showed similar degrees of disgust o After the showing, they were interviewed and Japanese ppl showed less emotion during the interview -Self Monitoring: - low self monitors : go with their emotions, more likely to be expressing true emotions - high self monitors : go with the situations, hide emotions to fit in better with the
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emotion_outline08 - Emotion Darwinian Tradition Emotions...

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