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final summaries - Roberston Ch.7 Selection and Shaping of...

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Unformatted text preview: Roberston Ch.7 Selection and Shaping of Offspring Characteristics Main idea: Procreative liberty includes the right to shape or select offspring characteristics because of the great importance that outcome has on decisions regarding reproduction. If it is legitimate for parents to want healthy children, then it should be legitimate for them to use both negative and positive techniques to achieve that end. Thus, access to information about the genetic status of embryos, partners, and fetuses should be protected, as should selection based on that information. Negative techniques (may cause destruction of offspring): Preconception- Carrier screening. Post conception- Screening embryos, screening fetuses. May not be romantic, but is needed for healthy offspring. As with all technologies, these are not required, but should be available options for partners seeking a means to ensure healthy offspring. Positive techniques: Therapeutic- In utero interventions (prenatal medications or surgery for parents against abortion), embryo interventions. Again, this isnt for everybody and although there are many concerns, these prenatal technologies will have a greater effect than post-birth efforts, and they do not require the destruction of the embryo or fetus....
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final summaries - Roberston Ch.7 Selection and Shaping of...

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