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1 CSE190a Fal 06 Introduction Biometrics CSE 190-a Lecture 1 CSE190a Fal 06 Who are you?? CSE190a Fal 06 How are people identified? • People are identified by three basic means: – Something they have (identity document or token) – Something they know (password, PIN) – Something they are (human body) CSE190a Fal 06 Person Identification Person Identification Identifying fellow human beings has been crucial to the fabric of human society In the early days of civilization, people lived in small communities and everyone knew each other With the population growth and increase in mobility, we started relying on documents and secrets to establish identity Person identification is now an integral part of the infrastructure needed for diverse business sectors such as banking, border control, law enforcement. CSE190a Fal 06 Automatic Identification Different means of automatic identification: Possession-based (credit card, smart card) “something that you have” Knowledge-based (password, PIN) “something that you know” –– Biometrics-based (biometric identifier) “something about or produced by your physical make-up” CSE190a Fal 06 Problems with Possesion- or Knowledge-based Approaches Card may be lost, stolen or forgotten – Password or PIN may be forgotten or guessed by the imposters –25% of people seem to write their PIN on their ATM card Estimates of annual identity fraud damages: – $56.6 billion in credit card transactions in U.S. alone in 2005* • 0.25% of internet transactions revenues, 0.08% of off-line revenues – $1 billion in fraudulent cellular phone use – $3 billion in ATM withdrawals The traditional approaches are unable to differentiate between an authorized person and an impostor * Spectrum July, 2006
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2 CSE190a Fal 06 Identification Problems Identification Problems Identity Theft : Identity thieves steal PIN (e.g., date of birth) to open credit card accounts, withdraw money from accounts and take out loans 3.3 million identity thefts in U.S. in 2002; 6.7 million victims of credit card fraud Surrogate representations of identity such as passwords and ID cards no longer suffice CSE190a Fal 06 Too Many Passwords to Remember! Too Many Passwords to Remember! • Heavy web users have an average of 21 passwords ; 81% of users select a common password and 30% write their passwords down or store them in a file. (2002 NTA Monitor Password Survey) CSE190a Fal 06 What are Biometrics? Biometrics – science, which deals with the automated recognition of individuals (or plants/animals) based on biological and behavioral characteristics – Scientific follow-on to Bertillon’s body measurements of the late 1800s Biometry – mathematical and statistical analysis of biological data Biometric system – a pattern recognition system that recognizes a person by determining the authenticity of a specific biological and/or behavioral characteristic (biometric) Anthropometry
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lec1 introduction biometrics - Introduction Biometrics CSE...

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