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1.1 The cell is the basic unit of life because 1) it is midway between the biosphere and an organic molecule in size 2) it is the smallest unit capable of exhibiting the fundamental characteristics of life 3) it was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 4) it contains the nucleus 5) Dutrochet, Schleiden and Schwann said so more than a hundred years ago 1.2 Which of the following physico-chemical and biological features characterize living organisms? 1) They move by internal forces 2) They take up small organic or inorganic molecules and synthesize large organic molecules so that they can grow from within. 3) They transform one kind of energy into other forms of energy, often by burning
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Unformatted text preview: organic molecules using oxygen 4) They reproduce with near fidelity 5) All of the above 1.3 Materialism is 1) A philosophy stating that life can only be explained in terms of supernatural forces 2) A philosophy stating that life can be explained in terms of chemistry and physics 3) A philosophy based on water, hydrogen, oxygen and aquosity. 4) A philosophy based strictly on water 5) A philosophy of life championed by Madonna 1.4 Viruses have been thought to have been: 1) the smallest living organism 2) the largest chemical 3) the equivalent of mitochondria 4) the basic unit of life 5) both 1 and 2...
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