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Notes on Etrade The individual and the corporation: Kathy Levinson and E*Trade (A) o August 11, 1999 “No on Knight” Campaign asked for Kathy Levinson for help o Campaign wanted her to take a leadership role in their campaign against Proposition 22 Proposition 22 proposed that the state of California recognize only marriages between a man and a woman In 6 months, Californians will vote on the measure, which was supported by 53% of likely voters in a recent poll Only 40% said they Proposition 22 o A lesbian mother of two in a long-term committed relationship o Levinson is president and chief operating officer of Etrade o Etrade, the world’s most-visited investing web site, was second in number of trades per day, third in accounts, and fourth in assets among online
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Unformatted text preview: brokerages Questions to ask o What was a leadership role in the campaign o How would it affect her high-profile role at Etrade? o Would it be seen as corporate sponsorship of a politically charged effort? o And, if she declined to take a leading role in the campaign, could she support the effort in another way? o Might she make a donation since she knew that No on Knight needed not only moral support, but financial backing as well o If she chose that option, should it be made public or kept anonymous? o Need to discuss all this with Christos Cotsakos, Etrades CEO Kathy Levinson o Before joining etrade in 1996, levinson worked for Charles Schwab...
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