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Notes Kathy Conklin (dispatcher) visibly upset spoke to Ted (dispatch manager) o Argument with boyfriend and ended in a break-up o Boyfriend was doug miller, a driver of one of our big multi-car carriers o Doug miller has a job that requires a lot o Can’t tell doug what Kathy said Pulled out Doug’s employment file o No real problem doug’s work o No reference about serious problems, drug-related or otherwise o Doug worked for a year o Few months ago, he had been involved in 2 minor incidents of property damage and was known around the yard as being very hot tempered(OK worker) An accident by Doug could cost the business a considerable amount of money and ruin a great deal of the goodwill and positive reputation
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Unformatted text preview: No one else had mentioned seeing Dough use or be under the influence of drugs Drug policy o Employees were only tested prior to employment o Immediately after accidents o On a random basis o Reasonable cause (2 witnesses state they had reason to believe an individual was impaired 1. asking around for witnesses was akin to making an announcement that doug had a drug problem (defamation by employees) 2. violation of this agreement could leave the company open to civil action Solution:1 Do nothing Solution:2 Sit with Doug and have a confidential talk Solution:3 Have a meeting with each division: dispatchers, drivers, used-parts retail store to enforce company polices and expectation...
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