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Danger in LA response

Danger in LA response - people assumed I moved because it...

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Mike Finfer GEOG 100 9.15.06 Is Los Angeles a dangerous place to live? http://blogging.la/ At “Metroblogging Los Angeles” a post by Caryn Coleman entitled “Myth Busting Los Angeles” linked to a story by Kayte Deioma called “The Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Los Angeles.” Number 9 on this list is “Los Angeles is a dangerous place to visit; everyone is in a gang.” Deioma’s response to this ‘myth’ is that LA is at least as safe as other big cities, and the tourist areas are safe. She cautions against driving with directions, especially at night. What I found most interesting in this article are the comments left by other readers of the blog. “As far as #9 is concerned, I've heard that L.A. is a dangerous city, but never the part about everyone being in a gang. When I moved to OC 10 years ago,
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Unformatted text preview: people assumed I moved because it was too dangerous. They were right, considering I lived in East L.A., but the rest of the city has some very nice spots as well.” This comes firsthand from someone who has lived in LA, so it is safe to assume that the views are accurate. This is how I feel about LA; there are obviously dangerous parts, but in most of the areas I’ve visited, the real danger comes from the possibility of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and fires. This is danger on a different level; instead of being robbed, these are dangers that can demolish buildings and destroy lives. Los Angeles is indeed a dangerous place to live, but not necessarily for the reasons that many associate with it....
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