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Mike Finfer GEOG – 100gm Assignment 1 – L. A. au Natural 9.27.06 Madrona Marsh Preserve The Madrona Marsh Preserve, one of the last remaining vernal marshes in Los Angeles County, is what remains of a broad network of wetlands that once stretched from Wilmington to Marina del Rey. It is located in the city of Torrance, occupying 43.5 acres among the city’s commercial and retail centers (Madrona, 4). It is a vernal, or seasonal, marsh; it has no source of water within itself, but it is a depression, the lowest point of elevation in the land surrounding it. After the winter and spring rains, water collects in the marsh; this provides a stop for migrating ducks, herons, and geese. In the late summer and early fall, the marsh is usually almost dry, with the driest month usually being August (Madrona, 3). The terrain of the preserve is wetlands, and it contains marshlands, sand dunes, and temporary vernal pools. According to the Madrona Marsh Nature Center, the formation of the terrain began 60 million years ago, when the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate collided, forming the San Gabriel Mountains. Approximately 2 million years ago, the Santa Monica Mountains and the Northern Channel Islands began rising; about 1 million years later, wind and water carried silt and sand from the mountains into the ocean. These deposits accumulated to the point where they were 20000 feet thick at some points, making the bay significantly shallower. The silt and sand continued to
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accumulate until it finally reached the surface about a hundred thousand years ago, forming the Los Angeles Basin. The sand remains in the preserve, in the form of dunes
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Assignment 1 - Mike Finfer GEOG 100gm Assignment 1 L A au...

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