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Assignment 2 - Mike Finfer GEOG 100 Assignment 2 11.1.06...

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Mike Finfer GEOG – 100 Assignment 2 11.1.06 Rodeo Collection and Olvera Street Few cities in the world other than Los Angeles can claim to have two places as different as Olvera Street and Rodeo Collection in such close proximity. Rodeo Collection is touted as the single most affluent shopping area in the world, while Olvera Street is a historic shopping center filled with Mexican heritage. Almost everything about these two places is different, from how they are used and who frequents them, to what they look like. The overall appearance of these two places is quite different. Olvera Street is made up of mostly old, historical buildings. The street is filled with long rows of stands that sell gifts and food. The area was decorated heavily for Dia de los Muertes, with banners hung from rooftops and many other colorful decorations. This provides insight as to the community of Olvera Street; there is obviously a high population of Mexican inhabitants, and the worn, old buildings suggest a working-class demographic. This is much different than the appearance of Rodeo Collection. This upscale shopping area has almost all very new, nice looking, expensively furnished buildings. Many glass windows, as well as a tall glass elevator shaft, are present in the center. Decorative plants and fountains, as well as many flowers overhanging the roof, make the appearance even nicer. The high-end appearance of Rodeo Collection clearly corresponds with the wealthy
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community that it is a part of. The area is very trendy; designer names and labels
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Assignment 2 - Mike Finfer GEOG 100 Assignment 2 11.1.06...

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