Heavy Metal exam 3 - heavy accent on the backbeat; the bass...

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Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Sound: Loud volumes; lead guitar-oriented bands; use of electronic distortion; thick sound in which all instruments are combined equally; vocals are generally mixed into the texture rather than being the dominant sound. Form: Mostly riff based songs; some are based on blues structures, some on standard AABA song form , others are original forms based on the form of the text. Harmony: Generally simple chord progressions based on what is practical to play on the guitar; usually chord progressions of three to five chords; the bass generally plays a simple ostinato riff that is the harmonic foundation of the songs. Time: Tempos are generally very fast, although there are some groups who record slow ballads; typically in simple duple meter; drums often provide a
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Unformatted text preview: heavy accent on the backbeat; the bass ostinato is also the metric foundation of the songs. Melody: The vocals are generally of limited range, sometimes shouted in a monotone; guitar solos, however, are more sweeping in range, covering the entire fingerboard to demonstrate the facility of the lead guitarist. Other: Most bands are album-oriented, though there are few that had top twenty singles; with some groups (occult rock), the lyrics relate more negative images such as witchcraft, black magic, death, and suicide. Other lyrics deal with sex, drugs, and party attitudes in general. Steppenwolf Black Sabbath Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Metal Bands in the Late 70s-Early 80s AC/DC Van Halen Judas Priest Metallica...
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Heavy Metal exam 3 - heavy accent on the backbeat; the bass...

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