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Flash Card definitions 2 - the thirds of that chord...

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A rock and roll band format popularized in the 1960s. The traditional power trio has a lineup of guitar, bass and drums, leaving out the rhythm guitar and keyboards often featured in other rock music. An album which is "unified by a theme, which can be instrumental, compositional, narrative, or lyrical". A musical structure that typically consists of two musical parts (A and B) played in four sections. Each section is generally 8 measures long, resulting in a32- measure form. The A part is played and repeated, followed by the B part or bridge, then A part. A method of composition in which pitches, rhythms, motives, and other compositional decisions are left to the performers’ discretion. Also referred to as chance music because whatever happens is due to chance. A full-barred chord played without
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Unformatted text preview: the thirds of that chord, emphasizing the intervals of perfect fourths and perfect fifths and negating any modal characteristics by eliminating the third of the chord. To slightly alter the pitch of a note by pilling on a string, raising or lowering the voice, or tightening or loosening the embouchure, or mouth position, on a horn. Considered a blue note. Bands in the early 80s that were more polished in the studio than punk and frequently made use of more elaborate instrumentation such as keyboards and various synthesizers. An extremely theatrical-oriented type of rock music that began to appear in the early 1970s. Practitioners used outrageous costumes and makeup. An extended, improvised jam session based on a 12-bar blues progression and associated with the British group the Yardbirds....
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Flash Card definitions 2 - the thirds of that chord...

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