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Singer-Songwriter exam 3

Singer-Songwriter exam 3 - f Some return to acoustic blues...

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Singer/Songwriter 1. Most songs are narratives, they tell a story. 2. The stories related are often personal, telling of events that have actually occurred. 3. Characters in these songs, whether actual or fictional, are well-defined. 4. Those artists who are folk rock-influenced retain the characteristics of folk rock: a. Clear singing style. b. Usually slower, more laid back tempos. c. Prevalent use of acoustic instruments. d. Finger picking style of playing the acoustic guitar. e. Use of electric instruments, though usually with little or no distortion.
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Unformatted text preview: f. Some return to acoustic blues sounds. 5. Those artists who are rock influenced retain characteristics of rock: a. Electric bands with more use of distortion. b. Rock singing styles, including shouting/yelling. c. Usually faster, driving tempos. d. Some return to basic rock ‘n’ roll sounds. The Folk/Folk Rock Side • James Taylor • Jim Croce • Joni Mitchell The Rock Side • Elton John • Billy Joel • Bruce Springsteen...
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