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Psychedelic Rock exam 3

Psychedelic Rock exam 3 - of folk or folk-rock music with a...

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Psychedelic Rock 1. The recording quality of most groups can be considered hazy or muted. This coincides with the drug-like, ethereal quality of the lyrics to many of the songs by these groups. 2. The volume at live performances is extremely loud, so loud in fact that distortion results. 3. There were technological advances in electric equipment: fuzz tone, feedback, wah ah, phasing, etc. 4. Emphasis is on instrumentalists, especially guitarists. Long improvisations in concerts were common. 5. Many bands were based on or inspired by the old R&B groups or the R&B derived styles of the British groups. San Francisco bands often combined the traits
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Unformatted text preview: of folk or folk-rock music with a hard rhythm & blues style. 6. Drugs and drug use became an open and important element of the production and the consumption of Psychedelic Rock. Groups were identified with drugs, lyrics told about drugs and described drug trips, and, to many, the long, improvised guitar solos were both attributed to drugs or approximated a musical trip for the listener-timelessness. • The Grateful Dead • Janis Joplin • Santana • The Doors...
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