philofinal - Michel de Montaigne "Essays" 1) "Actions...

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Michel de Montaigne – “Essays” 1) “Actions judged by their intentions” & “On Liars” - for Montaigne, all classical authors left him feeling conflicted- his education left confused, he turned inward - will and intent are the only things men can control – “we cannot be held responsible beyond our strength and means, since the resulting events are quite outside our control and, in fact, we have power over nothing except our will.” (25) - often times we have good intentions but things go wrong - to commit a sin we must have knowledge of the fact we are committing a sin and the will/intent to actually commit it - he stresses this idea because in his world people abide to laws which can be morally wrong rather than following moral codes - liars know that they are telling opposite of the truth, Montaigne thinks there is a difference between a lie and an untruth - belief in stoicism- mastery of the will- no way to know a persons true intent - ignorance is not an excuse (new place, new laws) 2)”Power of Imagination” - uses anecdotes to show imagination is ridiculous- makes his inferences about anecdotes based on common sense not experience - belief in miracles of common people rooted in fear – history based on popular belief cannot be trusted - people who do ridiculous things when they let imagination run wild (cannot be trusted) - must keep imagination in check (fear of execution killing a man b4 he is executed) - power to heal body by imagining you’re healthy - imagined pain imagination can fool us - can fool ourselves in a positive way too, convincing ourselves we are better than we are - imagination is what men use to make up explanations/facts when they do not know the truth 3) “On The Education of Children” - learning for its own good not profit - dislikes: emphasis on memory, respect for authority, emphasis on the classics, skills
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philofinal - Michel de Montaigne "Essays" 1) "Actions...

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