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Philo2 - Conor O'Malley Philosophy Alma What's the Matter...

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Conor O'Malley Philosophy February 21, 2006 Alma What’s the Matter? Today it seems that everyone is going to college. It does not just seem that everyone is going to college as a matter of fact everyone is actually going to college. According to pbr.org, “There were more than 9.3 million high school graduates ages 8 to 24 attending college in 1998, compared with 5.8 million in 1970.” Since more and more people are attending college it seems that it is becoming more and more expected of every high school graduate to attend college. This social pressure seems to be absolutely ridiculous; there is no need for every single person to attend college. There are plenty of different jobs that are available to those without a college degree. Another reason why is that some people that go to college are not nearly as qualified as some people who do not attend college. Also sometimes people without a college education end up performing jobs that we need them to perform. Going to college is important, but it may not be as important as everyone is making it out to be. In today’s society, where everything is changing and growing, there is still a need for jobs that we have had for years and we will most likely continue to have for a long time. It seems that college is unnecessary because most of these jobs that we have talked about that are available to people directly out of college seem to focus on training. There is no job that comes to mind easily that there is little to no need for training before you
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start the job. The training that one can receive before a job most times replaces what the person has learned in college. Jobs that come to mind that fit into this category are those of a plumber, an electrician, or a contractor. These jobs all pay very well but there is no need to attend college in order to be successful in any of these fields.
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