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CSCI101 Assign3

CSCI101 Assign3 - *ID block Programmer Course Computer...

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/*ID block ---------------------------------------+ + Programmer : **************** + + Course : Computer Science 101 + + Assignment #3 + + Due Date : 5 February, 2007 + +----------------------------------------------------*/ /* Program statement * This program will calculate the cost of carpeting a rectangular room using four functions ******************* Algorithm ************************* Step 1 Input Prompt User for Customer's Name (string) First name Last name Prompt User for measurements of the room (in feet) - (float) Length Width Prompt User for the price of the carpet (float) Red Carpet Brown Carpet Prompt User for cost of installation (per square foot)- (float) Prompt User for man-hours necessary for installation- (float) Prompt User for pay rate of workers- (float) Set Sales Tax Rate to 7.75% (const float) Step 2 Process Call function Cal_Cost(Length, Width, Cost_Brwn, Cost_Red, Cost_Insul) Tax = Initial_Cost * Sales_Tax Cost_Install = Man_Hours * Pay_Rate Final_Cost = Cost_Install + Tax + Initial_Cost Step 3 Output Call function Print_Report(First Name, Last Name, Area, Total Cost, Total Tax) ************************ End of Algorithm *****************************/ /************ Code segment *******************************************/ #include <stdio.h> #define Sales_Tax 0.0775f /**Functions Prototypes**/
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