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World History Test 3 - Medieval Europe(Lecture 17 1 Who was...

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Medieval Europe (Lecture 17) 1. Who was Charles Martel and what was his chief accomplishment? 2. What was the major significance of the Donation of Pepin? 3. Who was Charlemagne and what were his chief accomplishments? 4. What were the chief provisions of the treaty of Verdun? 5. What were the principal features of European feudalism? 6. What was fief? 7. 8. What were the chief provisions of Magna Carta? 9. What was the reconquista and what were its major goals and accomplishments? 10. What were the major accomplishments of Isabella and Ferdinand? 11. What was the concept of Lay Investiture? 12. What was the major contribution of Innocent III? 13. What did the concept of Papal Supremacy include? 14. What were the major goals and accomplishments of the Crusades? 15. What were the major social and political consequences of the 100 Years War? 16. What were the principle features of the medieval army? 17. Who was Joan of Ark? 18. The seizure of what fortress by the French brought the 100 Years’ War to an end? 19. What did the crisis of high Middle Ages involve? 20. What were the major social and political consequences of the Black Death? Italian Renaissance (Lecture 18) 1. What does the term Renaissance mean? 2. What period of history renaissance philosophers called the Dark Age and why? 3. Who was Cosimo de Medici and what was his significance for the renaissance? 4. What did renaissance philologists study? 5. What was significance of Francisco Pertach for the renaissance? 6. Who was Lorenzo Valla and what were his accomplishments? 7. What were the major goals and achievements of Studia humanitatis? 8. What was the chief contribution of Vittorino da Feltre to the renaissance? 9. Who was Christine de Pisan and what was her major contribution to the renaissance? 10. What was the major purpose and accomplishments of Civic humanism? 11. What were the major contributions of Leonardo Bruni to he renaissance? 12. What city state attempted to invade Florence in 1402 and what impact did this invasion have on Florence? 13. Who was Giangalliazo Visconti? 14. What philosophies influenced the development of humanist ideas in Italy? 15. What were the major tendencies of renaissance humanist philosophy? 16. What was the major contribution of Marsilio Ficino to the Italian renaissance? 17. What was the major contribution of Pico della Mirandola to the renaissance?
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18. Who was Johann Gutenberg and what was his significance? 19. What were the major factors that facilitated the spread of renaissance ideas? Reformations in Europe (Lecture 19) 1. How would you describe the relations between the Christian church and secular kings during the late Middle Ages, the 13 th and 14 th centuries? 2. Who was Philip the Fair? 3. Who wrote Unum Sanctum and what was the principal goal of the document? 4. What was the Avignon papacy and what was its major impact on the Catholic Church?
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