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Human Resource Management - Shaikh, Safiya 4/11/08 Human...

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Shaikh, Safiya 4/11/08 Human Resource Management (HRM): activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain and effective workforce within an organization. HRM refers to the design and application of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals. The rapid change and turbulence n today’s business environment bring significant challenge for human resource management. Some new challenges faced by HRM are: the growing use of telecommuters, contingent workers, and virtual teams. Each of these issues affects the HRM in different ways. Every coin has two sides, like so these issues also have their pros and cons. Because they affect the HRM in different ways they also have to be addressed/ solved differently from each other. Telecommuting: using computers and telecommunications equipment to perform work from home or another remote location. The changing workforce has become very demanding. Employers are expected/ though not required to provide employees with flexible schedule, paid vacations, etc… Telecommuting is just one of those “perks” and some employers find that completely acceptable. HR Managers should understand that an organization offering the option of telecommuting should deeply understand the individuals who are going to be allowed to work from home. Because it would be unwise to open up the option to some workers while not allowing those in similar positions to
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Human Resource Management - Shaikh, Safiya 4/11/08 Human...

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