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Unformatted text preview: EXAM 4 ~ TEMPTEST BACKGROUND 1. SHAKESPEARE'S DATES a. Born 1564 April 23 b. Died 1516 April 23 2. THE SAINT ON WHOSE FEAST DAY HE WAS BORN a. St. George 3. THE ROLE OF THAT SAINT IN ENGLISH LIFE a. Patron St. of England 4. SHAKESPEARE'S TOWN OF ORIGIN a. Stratford 5. HIS CLASS OF ORIGIN a. Middle Class Citizen 6. HIS FATHER'S OCCUPATION a. Leather Glover b. City Council Member 7. WS' PROBABLE ALMA MATER 8. HIS WIFE'S NAME a. Anne Hathaway 9. HIS SON'S NAME a. Hamnet 10. WHAT THE YEARS 1585-92 ARE CALLED a. The lost / missing years 11. FOUR TYPES OF PLAYS ASSOCIATED WITH WS a. Comedies b. Chronical c. Tragedies d. Tragic Comedy 12. A REASON GIVEN FOR HIS PESSIMISM AT THE TIME OF WRITING THE TRAGEDIES a. Hamnet (son) died 13. HOW HIS TRAGEDIES DIFFER FROM THOSE OF THE GREEKS 14. TRAGICOMEDY a. Mixture of tragedy and comedy 15. WS LAST PLAY a. The Temptest 16. WHAT JAMES BURBAGE DID AND WHEN IT WAS a. Built the 1st Theatre ~ 1576 17. 6 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ELIZABETHAN STAGE AND THE MEANINGS a. Thrust Stage: Extend into audience b. Bare Stage: Very few props and sets, almost empty c. Heterogeneous Audience: Audience of all societies and educations (rich and poor) d. Blank Verse: Majority Poetry e. All Actors: Women were not on stage f. Lose Concentration: Not organized tightly 18. LITERAL MEANING OF THE TERM "RENAISSANCE" a. French Rebirth 19. DATES OF THE RENAISSANCE a. 1400-1659 20. 2 EMPHASES OF THE RENAISSANCE a. Secularism b. Individualism 21. MACHIAVELLI'S VIEW OF HUMAN NATURE a. Pessimism: power is what we deserve 22. MONTAIGNE'S VIEW OF HUMAN NATURE a. Optimistic: We are naturally good 23. SHAKEPEARE'S VIEW OF HUMAN NATURE a. We have the choice of right and wrong 24. ANAGRAM a. Made from letters of another word i. Ex: Caliban ~ Cannibal THE TEMPEST 1. PROSPERO'S 2 OCCUPATIONS a. Duke: highest ruler b. Magician 2. THE MEANING OF MIRANDA'S NAME a. The admired one 3. THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF WHICH ARIEL WAS DISCOVERED BY PROSPERO a. Imprisoned in a tree and Prospero released him 4. THE NAME AND OCCUPATION OF CALIBAN'S MOTHER a. Sycorax b. Witch 5. THE NAME AND OCCUPATION OF FERDINAND'S FATHER a. Alonso b. King of Naples 6. THE NAME AND OCCUPATION OF SEBASTIAN'S BROTHER a. Alonso b. King of Naples 7. GONZALO'S CITY 8. TRINCULO'S POSITION AT COURT 9. STEPHANO'S POSITION AT COURT 1. 2. 3. PLOT MIRANDA'S REACTION TO THE WRECK (1.2) a. Asked Prospero to make sure no one was hurt or would come to any harm PROSPERO'S ASSURANCE THEN (1.2) a. That no one was harmed HOW HE WAS DEPOSED IN MILAN (1.2) a. His brother Antonio and the King of Naples raised an army to march Milan and drive Prospero out. Then he and Miranda escaped death on a boat. 4. HOW GONZALO SERVED HIM (AND MIRANDA) THEN (1.2) a. Prepared a boat, food, and clothing for their journey 5. HOW THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN FATHER AND DAUGHTER ENDS (1.2) a. He charms her with magic and puts her to sleep 6. HOW ARIEL HAS DEALT WITH FERDINAND (1.2) a. Puts him under the spell 7. A SPECIAL CLOAK FOR ARIEL (1.2) a. He takes the shape of a sea nymph and make himself invisible to all but Prospero 8. WHY CALIBAN COMPLAINS (1.2) a. Believes the island is his and Prospero stole it 9. HOW HE HAS EARNED HIS MISERY (1.2) a. He curses Prospero 10. THE JOB HE IS NOW ASSIGNED (1.2) a. Hauls wood for Prospero 11. HOW ARIEL LEADS FERDINAND (1.2) a. By playing music 12. HOW MIRANDA REACTS TO HER FIRST SIGHT OF THE YOUNG MAN (1.2) a. She is smitten with him 13. PROSPERO'S TREATMENT OF FERDINAND THEN (1.2) a. Accuses him of lying about being the prince of Naples and threatens to imprison him 14. HOW GONZALO TRIES TO CHEER ALONSO (2.1) a. Talks about the beauty of the island 15. ARIEL'S SPELL ON GONZALO AND ALONSO (2.1) a. Ariel plays his music and puts them to sleep 16. ANTONIO'S PLOT (2.1) a. Antonio persuades Sebastian that the latter will become ruler of Naples if they kill Alonso 17. HOW THE PLOT IS THWARTED (2.1) a. Ariel causes Gonzalo to scream out 18. HOW ALONSO AND SEBASTIAN EXPLAIN THEIR DRAWN SWORDS (2.1) a. Fighting of lions that were going to attack King Alonso 19. WHY CALIBAN HIDES UNDER HIS CLOAK (2.2) a. He thinks Trinculo is a spirit coming after him 20. WHY TRINCULO HIDES UNDER CALIBAN'S CLOAK (2.2) a. A storm is brewing and he is curious about Caliban's appearance 21. STEPHANO'S TREASURE FROM THE SHIP (2.2) a. The liquor 22. CALIBAN'S REACTION WHEN HE IS INTRODUCED TO THAT TREASURE (2.2) a. Begins to sing 23. THE WORK TO WHICH FERDINAND IS SET BY PROSPERO (3.1) a. Haul wood 24. THE YOUNG MAN'S ATTITUDE TOWARDS THAT WORK (3.1) a. Finds it pleasant because it is for Miranda 25. HOW PROSPERO REACTS WHEN HE OVERHEARS FERDINAND AND MIRANDA (3.1) a. He is extremely pleased 26. HOW STEPHANO IMAGINES THE ISLAND WILL BE GOVERNED (3.2) a. Kill Prospero and he will be king 27. HOW ARIEL LEADS THE DRUNKEN PLOTTERS ASTRAY (3.2) a. He plays his music and they are distracted and follow him 28. HOW PROSPERO TEMPTS AND DECEIVES HIS ENEMIES (3.3) a. He sets up a banquet 29. THE GUISE IN WHICH ARIEL THEN APPEARS (3.3) a. Appears like a harpy and causes it to disappear 30. WHAT ALONSO THEN DETERMINES TO DO (3.3) 31. HOW GONZALO INTERPRETS THE BEHAVIOR OF ALONSO (3.3) 32. HOW GONZALO INTERPRETS THE BEHAVIOR OF SEBASTIAN (3.3) 33. HOW GONZALO INTERPRETS THE BEHAVIOR OF ANTONIO (3.3) 34. WHY HE FOLLOWS THEM (3.3) 35. TO WHAT DEVELOPMENT PROSPERO NOW GIVES HIS CONSENT (4.1) 36. THE NAMES OF THE THREE GODDESS REPRESENTED AT THE FEAST (4.1) 37. HOW STEPHANO AND TRINCULO ARE DISTRACTED (4.1) a. They see beautiful clothing hanging in Prospero's cell and steal it 38. CALIBAN'S REACTION THEN (4.1) 39. HOW THE THREE DRUNKEN PLOTTERS ARE PURSUED (4.1) a. Return the stolen clothes and clean Prospero's cell 40. HOW PROSPERO CHANGES HIS ATTIRE (5.1) a. Tells Ariel to release the men and then gives up magic for good 41. ALONSO'S APOLOGY AND CONCESSION (5.1) a. He realizes his son and daughter in-law are alive and begs Miranda for forgiveness 42. RIVALS AT CHESS (5.1) a. Miranda and Ferdinand 43. MIRANDAS REACTION TO HER FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH A # OF PEOPLE (5.1) a. She is highly impressed and in awe 44. PROSPEROS ADMONITION TO HER THEN (5.1) a. It's new to her 45. THE FUTURE OF THE THRONE OF NAPLES (5.1) a. Prospero is returning to Naples and giving up magic 46. THE CONDITION OF THE VESSEL WE SAW IN THE FIRST SCENE OF THE PLAY (5.1) a. The same as which they first set out 47. ONE LAST ORDER FOR ARIEL (5.1) a. Make the seas calm before they set out 48. ONE LAST GIFT FOR ARIEL (5.1) a. Sets him free ...
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