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4B-PoliticalControl - of both the churches and the...

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History 4B April 22, 2008 King Philip Augustus suppressed the commune of Etampes (1199-1200) In the name of the holy and individual Trinity, Amen. I, Philip, by the grace of God king of the French. Let all men, both present and future, know that on account of the injuries, oppressions and troubles that the commune of Etampes carried out against both the churches and their goods and the knights and their goods, we have quashed the same commune and have conceded to the churches and knights that at Etampes there will henceforth be no commune. The churches and knights shall regain those liberties and rights that they held prior to the commune, with the exception that all men and their villeins [hospites] shall attend our army [exercitus] and our expeditions, just as our other vassals do; and we will impose the taille on the vassals [homines] and villeins [hospites]
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Unformatted text preview: of both the churches and the knights [milites] who are in the castle and suburbs of Etampes who were members of the commune, as often, moreover, as it shall please us. If moreover it shall happen that any of these vassals or villeins on whom the taille has been laid shall not pay it, we will be able [legally] to seize both the body of the vassal or villein and all of his moveables, regardless of whom - church or knight - he was the vassal or villein. So that it may obtain perpetual strength, we ordered the present page confirmed by the authority of our seal and by the characters of our royal name annotated below. Done at Paris, in the year of the lord 1199, in the 21 st year of our reign. .’...
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