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History 4B April 24, 2008 Bernard of Gui’s Manual for Inquisitors on the Beguines: 1. The following deals with the sect of those commonly called Beguins or Beguines: The sect of Beguines, who call themselves "poor brothers" and say they observe and profess the third rule of Saint Francis, sprang up recently in the provinces of Provence and Narbonne. Their erroneous opinions began to be exposed around the year of our Lord 1315, more or less, although they were considered suspect by many even earlier…. The aforesaid Beguins, who live in villages and small towns, have little dwellings in which some of them live together. Their own term for these dwellings is "houses of poverty." In these houses, on feast days and Sundays, those who reside in them, other Beguins who dwell privately in their own houses, and intimates or friends of the Beguins all come together to read or hear read the aforesaid books or works from which they suck poison, although certain other things are read there such as the commandments, the
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