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History 4B April 15, 2008 Gregory VII to King Henry IV, 8 Dec.1075 [or 8 Jan 1076] ‘Gregory, bishop, servant of God’s servants, to King Henry, greeting and the apostolic benediction –but with the understanding that he obeys the Apostolic See as becomes a Christian king. Considering and weighting carefully to how strict a judge we must render an account of the stewardship committed to us by Saint Peter, prince of the Apostles, we have hesitated to send you the apostolic benediction, since you are reported to be in voluntary communication with men who are under the censure of the Apostolic see and of a synod…It would have been becoming to you, since you confess yourself to be a son of the Church, to give more respectful attention to the master of the Church, that is, to Peter, prince of the Apostles…wherefore Your Highness should beware lest any defect of will toward the Apostolic See be found in your words and in your messages and should pay due reverence, not to us but to Almighty God, in all matters touching the welfare of the
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