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355 201 music research paper draft - English 201 Research...

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English 201 Research Proposal Draft 3/25/2008 Hip-hop’s growth in popularity caused its influence to be recognized by major record labels which has subsequently caused it to shift into the popular music category. The apparent changes in the production and consumption of the music in the past two decades have had various influences, including corporate strategy. Myer and Kleck state in their article, “Corporate influence over rap music slowly morphed the genre to fit into the parameters of a mainstream culture. Ultimately, rap music loses the value of its messages, social urgency, and authenticity as it gets watered down and formulaic with corporate control” (147). In the present time, the commercial music labels have a major influence on the creation of the music in these genres and can be seen to be as both positive and negative. In my essay, I argue that the influence of the corporate environment on the genre is not absolute but the relationship, between the artists and the industry is unbalanced. Though this is the case, most of the artists that have substantially lucrative position in the record label are indifferent to the effects of the corporate influence on creativity and on other matters. The indifference is due to the money they make. The industry is based in an oligopolistic structure where there are four firms that control the majority of the industry, in the case of the music industry, this percentage is 90% (Myer 141). The economic strategies and corporate structure of the industry has its effect. This makes the main focus of the industry to maximize profits subsequently hurts the industry in many ways. There are several techniques that the firms have used including, buying out smaller record labels, creating a product that appeals to the most
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consumers in a market, giving more importance to artists that have sold the most records rather than creating a balanced field for smaller artist, and to try to make the specific genres as stable as possible hence hindering change. These are just a few of the corporate strategies I will discuss in my paper. Myer and Kleck, in their article, bring up the argument of Benjamin M. Compaine who states, “that a society operates at its best when a diverse range of opinions and approaches are available. Corporate control over the
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355 201 music research paper draft - English 201 Research...

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