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355 201 music paper 1

355 201 music paper 1 - "Changes The essays"Music Culture...

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2/5/08 “Changes” The essays; “Music, Culture, and Creativity” by Jason Toynbee, “Musica Practica” by Roland Barthes, “(In search of) musical meaning: genres categories, crossover” by David Brackett, and “Pop Music, Racial Imagination, and the Sounds of Cheese” by Jason Lee Oakes discuss the various topics pertaining to the cultural influence on music. There are contradicting theories on the effect of culture on musical genres and especially in mainstream genres. Popular music, better known as pop music, is considered the mainstream and contemporary genre of music that is recognized by a wider number of people in contrast to other categories of music. Since pop music of a certain time period represents the preferences of the majority audience, one can infer much about the tastes and demands of that audience. Music, like other forms of art, has changed throughout the times and this change is caused by the culture of the people of the time. Barthes describes how culture affects music in a negative manner while this is certainly not the case since the changes occurring in music are both creative and supported by the audience itself. This positive change can be seen in the significance of musical genres in terms of popular music, in the past and in the present. Race is an aspect of culture that can influence music and its acceptance by the general audience. The over refined, cheesy, “white” pop music which is parodied in the
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