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Personality Psych story essay - Pranay Patel Personality...

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Pranay Patel Personality Psychology Self-Analysis Stories Story # 1 The day was growing old and little Tom was growing weary. He had been separated from his camp in the woods. Standing alone in the middle of no where did not frighten him, what scared him was not knowing if his camp realized he was missing. He had strayed only for a minute from the camp as they took there nature walk. Not knowing what to do he waited patiently for 2 hours hoping rescue was coming near. Hoping soon his friends would realize he had went missing, remembering a survival show that he had seen on TV and also learned from his camp instructor was to not move if you were lost. So continuing to wait now, for almost another 10 hours, growing anxious and as day turned to night. He became even more startled and frightened, but sticking to his gut that someone was coming did not move. Staying huddled underneath a tree he dazed off. Later he was stirred awake and there stood in front of him were his friends who finally found him after 16 hours, even though it seemed as he waited forever ,he was glad he stuck to his instincts and what he learned and not moved. For if he had moved he could’ve gotten even more lost. Story # 2 As she contemplated on what to do with her life, she was disappointed with herself. Dimpal wanted to go to medical school, however it was far away in another country. The girl was disappointed because she could not let herself go because she was to attached to her family and friends. However, she knew she had to go, her future was going to be based off her actions. She was letting her heart speak, and not thinking logically on what to do with her life. Leave behind her friends and family for 6 years, not to mention her boyfriend of 2 years. The pressure was building and she was getting anxious as time was closing in, and her decision was to be made now. Her family and friends encouraging her to do well and go to school, but her heart telling her she could not bear to leave them all behind. Although soon enough she realized what she had to do, in order to lead a better life for her family and friends, she would go. She figured she could support and help the people she cared for most, by going and becoming successful, and soon enough she proved her worth. Story # 3 As tired rescue workers sat in front of the building, they knew much more work had to be done. They had worked all day pulling people from beneath the rubble. They had seen more failure than success today. It was the worst Earthquake California had ever seen. It hit three in the morning and measured 9.2 on the Richter scale. The estimated number of dead was said to be around 100,000. The governor had issued an state of emergency. The state lay in ruins. The living cried and searched helplessly for their loved ones. In the midst of all the chaos, a cry for help was heard from beneath the rubble.
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Upon investigation, it was discovered that a small girl was trapped beneath he rubble. Rescue workers dug through the rubble for hours. It seemed the more they dug, the
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Personality Psych story essay - Pranay Patel Personality...

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