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assimilation paper 2 - Throughout the course of history...

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Throughout the course of history, dating and courtship has taken on many different shapes and forms, and donned a variety of identities in the vast arena of cultures the world over. In the earlier ages of human society, marriage and romantic prospectives were traditionally initiated by the parents of the young potential partners. Taken into consideration were things like status, locality, and potential benefits of the union for the family and community as a whole. Formal match-makers were also utilized to acquaint potential husbands and wives. Courting and love marriages were very limited and often seen as taboo. As civilization began to modernize, and technological development and history took its course, different phenomena appeared in addition to tradition, such as mail-order brides and newspaper advertisements stating what a person was looking for in a partner. Today, the post-modern era in which we dwell has advanced in such a fashion that technology is now the center of a large percentage of the human population. This, of course, includes digital technology such as computers and the internet. The internet itself has given birth to many innovations, including a new component of courtship; online dating. This paper will seek to define online or computer mediated dating, review literature that studies the entity, and consider three theories obtained from the communication field that may provide explanations for different aspects of online dating: Uncertainty Reduction Theory, Knapp’s Model of Relationship Development and Dissolution, and Social Penetration Theory. Lastly, the paper determines the relational, societal, and communication implications one can derive from the development of online dating. Defining and Reviewing Literature on Online Dating Online dating can be defined as the employment of computer mediated communication to search for potential partners, form bonds and interpersonal relationships with the potential partners, and the unfolding and maintenance of a relationship with a prospective individual. This
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can be accomplished through the use of online dating services such as,,, and, among a plethora of other available sites. These sites can often be free of charge, while some charge a fee for membership and usage. Users have a profile where they can provide information about themselves and/or a picture. The site provides filters for “types” of people in accordance with their profiles, which can be based on similarities of different aspects of the content of their profiles. Some sites are also culturally and/or geographically based such as which is geared toward people of South Asian descent, or which is geared toward people of Chinese descent. There are other websites such as and that are not
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assimilation paper 2 - Throughout the course of history...

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