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What is DNA - Chargaff's Rule Different organisms have...

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What is DNA? Molecule of heredity: DNA DNA: Located in nucleolus as chromosome Chromosome: Physical unit of heredity o Hershey-Chase Phage DNA is transferred, not protein Nucleotide Monomer: o 5 carbon sugar deoxyribose o Triphosphate attached to 5' carbon o Nitrogen containing base (4 different bases) Nucleotide bases linked covalently Purines (2 carbon rings): o Adenine o Guanine Pyrimidines (1 carbon ring): o Cytosine o Thymine o Uracil *Joining: 5' phosphate is joined to 3' deoxyribose carbon, covalent bonds
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Unformatted text preview: Chargaff's Rule: Different organisms have different ratios of nucleotides in DNA, but in all organisms, A-T and C-G Rosalind Franklin: Observed double helix Meselson-Stahl: Experiment modeled the semi conservative model of replication- the way DNA replicates in nature Watson/Crick: Proposed helical shape and DNA replication based upon findings in photo 51 and the Meselson-Stahl experiment...
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