Replication - DNA Primase- RNA primer (copy) that falls off...

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Replication/Transcription DNA likes to be a double stranded helix because it’s the most stable form Enzymes to create replication bubble: o DNA Helicase- Winds/unwinds strand o Single strand binding proteins- prevent reformation of helix DNA Helicase- Separates double-stranded DNA into single strands Single Stranded Binding Proteins- Bind to single stranded DNA to prevent it from reforming a helix Topoisomerase- Removes tightened coils ahead of the replication fork
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Unformatted text preview: DNA Primase- RNA primer (copy) that falls off after ligase synthysizes DNA Polymerase- Attaches and follows through @ primase 5'--->3' Okazaki fragment- Fragments of copied DNA on lagging strand DNA Ligase- Connects Okazaki fragments at primers Promoter- Piece of DNA that marks where transcription starts Terminator- Piece of DNA that marks where transcription ends...
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