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What is Translation? Protein o Polymeric chain of amino acids with "R" group specific to each amino acid o Peptide bond between carboxyl carbon and amino group of other amino acid o How do you encode 20 amino acids with only four nucleotides? Triplet code: 3 nucleotides = 1 amino acid 4 3 =64 variations of triplets o Amino acids can be translated by several codes o A single codon will always be specific o Codons are universal between bacteria and animals How to build a protein! a.The code: mRNA tells sequence of amino acid
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Unformatted text preview: b.Adaptors match codons and amino acids (tRNA and aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase) c.The assembler (ribosome) tRNA- Always folds into a secondary structure Has an amino acid attachment site on stem Anticodon section on leaf Ribosome- Binds to mRNA and has 3 sites inside for assembling A (aminoacyl tRNA site) P (Peptide site) E (Exit site) *Release factors catalyze cleavage of proteins *Proteins then get sorted by signal sequence to go to certain destinations...
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