Geography of AIDS

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Geography of AIDS I. Geography of Disease a. How disease spreads (infectious) b. Diffusion i. Relocation and expansion ii. Spacial patterns 1. Contagious 2. Hierarchical – begins in cities and moves through hierarchically c. Containment Processes i. Diffusion barriers ii. Immunization - shots iii. Defensive Isolation – everyone who has the disease is not aloud to interact with other iv. Offensive containment – healthy people isolate them self d. Barriers to Diffusion i. Physical Barrier – oceans, mountains, walls, highways
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Socio-cultural Barrier – language, religion, education iii. Psychological – fear II. Geography and Aids a. How and why does this disease spread across space? b. Diffusion occurring , but not exactly sure how (initially) i. How’s this solved? How does the spatial perspective contribute to solving the problem? ii. How is spread facilitated? How is spread inhibited?...
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