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Bio - Lecture 5b

Bio - Lecture 5b - This causes swelling and the cytoplasm...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 5b Cell membranes Osmosis is the diffusion of water down its "free molecule" concentration gradient Solutions are made of solutes disolved in a solvent -Water is the main solvent in biology Osmotic concentration is the concentration of all solutes in a solution If two solutions have equal osmotic conentrations If they differ, hypertonic means more solutes and hypotonic means less solutes Water diffuses from hypotonic fluids to hypertonic ones If the ctyoplasm is hyperosmotic, water fom the outside will flow into the cell
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Unformatted text preview: This causes swelling and the cytoplasm pushes out against the membrane (hydrostatic pressure) Osmotic pressure is the pressure that works against hydrostatic pressure Endocytosis is the process of "engulfing" material from the extracellular space Two different types:-Phagocytosis: "Cell eating" particulate matter-Pinocytosis: "Cell drinking" extracellular fluids Exocytosis is the opposite of endocytosis It releases material from the cell...
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