Psych Lecture 12

Psych Lecture 12 - Psychotherapy: Treatment of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Psychotherapy: Treatment of psychological disorders -Includes a client or patient -Involves a therapist or a helper -Special between the two -Theory or rationale of the client's problems -Set of procedures to address the client's problems -Can either receive therapy as an in-patient or an out-patient In-patient: Receive treatment while in a hospital/residential treatment setting -Have impairments that are very severe ->Severity means that they're a danger to themselves or to others -Almost always involves psychoactive drugs Out-patient: Receive treatment while living in the community -By far the vast majority of people getting psychotherapy -Usually weekly to start Psychologists: Typically do psychotherapy (gurus of such), -Might do a post-doctoral internship/residency -Do not prescribe drugs Psychiatrists: MDs with special training to treat mental disorders -Could technically deliver a baby Most therapists are eclectic -Borrow a little from here, borrow a little from there --- Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: -Psychoanalysis: Seeks to understand unconscious conflicts ->Only way to overcome unconscious conflicts is to become conscious of them -Freud would have patients recall events from their life -Free association: Reporting whatever comes to your mind ->Called the talking cure -People taking this often reported childhood sexual abuse Object-Relations Therapy: Modern-day comtemporary variation on psychoanalysis
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Psych Lecture 12 - Psychotherapy: Treatment of...

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