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Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 12a: Chromosomes The carrier of traits?: -During Mendel's time, it was not known what carried the traits (genes) -Several things segregate during meiosis: ->Chromosomes, centrioles, mitochondria, and chloroplasts -In 1902 it was suggested that it was chromosomes that possessed the "traits" ->Supported by: -->Sperm contains very little cytoplasm -->Gametes are haploid -->Chromosomes segregate into gametes and assort randomly during meiosis Structure: -Chromatin is the entire collection of a cell's DNA and the associated proteins -Chromosomes are a single DNA strand and the associated proteins ->Chromosomes change shape throughout the entire life of the cell -Lieaner, double-stranded DNA and histones (proteins) make nucleosomes -Bundles of nucleosomes further compact into condensed chromosome form Recombination: -One of the early objections to the "chromosomal theory" was that there were more traits than chromosomes ->Now it is known that thousands of genes lie on a single chromosome
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