Myth - Lecture 6 (After Break)

Myth - Lecture 6 (After Break) - Sheet1 Page 1 Iliad Key...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Iliad Key Issues Responsibility to self and community-Public honor - Other's approval->Whatever you do, you think about the public approval-Agamemnon: A) Uniting Greeks B)Treat leaders with respect C)Leaders obey him---Achilles: A)Obey Agamemnon B)Greek's support (withdraw) C)Greek's don't support (refuse)-Patroclus A)Obligated to obey Achilles B)Enough honor (achilles gives)-- Hector: A)Responsible for the welfare of the city B)Needs public approval (like Greeks) Paris: A)Sets his own standards B)Present pleasure-- Quarrel between Achi and Aga-Behavior of warriors in crisis-Microcosm vs Macrocosm:->Cause of war was because of Aga's attitude (over a girl)->Death of Patroclus (Achilles' refusal)-- Reputation vs Wealth/Power-Greek Culture believes:->After Death:-->Reputation lives, but Wealth/Power cannot live on-- Argument over a woman-Briseis - Greatest of all prizes->For the greatest Greek warrior Sheet1 Page 2 Homer's message:-Widespread consequences of the conflict-- Character of Agam...
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Myth - Lecture 6 (After Break) - Sheet1 Page 1 Iliad Key...

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