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Bio - Lecture 9b

Bio - Lecture 9b - -It ends when the chromatids are...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 9b: Mitosis Interphase: -The phase of the cell cycle that encompasses G1, S, and G2 -It is preparation for M phase, or cell division -During S Phase, the chromosome replicate, but are not yet tightly packed -Microtubules attach to the centromeres of sister chromatids in preparation for mitosis -Kinetochore are the proteins that bind to the centromere and microtubules ->All above in S phase -During G2 phase, the chromosome pack more tightly, called condensation -Also centrioles replicate, act as a fishing reel to pull the chromasomes together ->These facilitate the division of chromatids Prophase: Mitosis, or cell division, is divided into four stages: -Prophase -Metaphase -Anaphase -Telophase Prophase begins after chromosome condensation Nuclear envelope dissolves Centrioles move apart creating an aster Metaphase: -Begins when the chromatids begin to align in the center of the cell (metaphase plate)
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Unformatted text preview: -It ends when the chromatids are completely aligned Anaphase:-The shortest state of mitosis-Involves the seperation of sister chromatids by the kinetochore tubules Telophase:-Begins when the chromatids are completely separated-The microtubules break down and a nuclear envelope forms around the chromosomes (formerly chromatids)-Chromosomes begin to uncoil and the rRNA begins to be made resulting in the formation of the nucleolus Cytokinesis:-Is when the entire cell divides to become two daughter cells-In most eukaryotic cells without cell walls, it is performed by actin filaments creating a cleavage furrow Cytokinesis in Plant Cells:-In plants, a new cell membrane is made, called a cell plate, and cellulose (i.e. a new cell wall) is formed around it...
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