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RELG211 - Vocab1 - Animism Spirits in nature Taboo...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Paul Tillich- What ever is of a person's ultimate concern constitutes their religion Theological circle: For most of us, we do not have a personal stake in what we say or think or whatnot (i.e. Hinduism, Taoism, C -The thing you're talking about is something you have a stake in (i.e. big western religions like Judaism and Christianity) William James: Religion serves as a psychological function and is a positive thing James Frazer: Religion is the difference between science and magic Pantheism: Everything in the world is diving Panentheism: God is in everything, but God is still greater Atheism: no God Agnosticism: Don't know one way or another Nontheism: Position that is unconcerned with the supernatural Immanent: close, operating nearby Transcendant: Far away Structuralism: An analytical approach that looks for universal structures that underlie langugae, mental processes, mythology, k Deconstruction: A technique that sts aside ordinary categories of analysis and makes use, instead, of unexpeted perspectives
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Unformatted text preview: Animism: Spirits in nature Taboo: Forbidden. (i.e. blood, the dead, incest, mental illness) Chronos: Greek word for time, "clock time". keeping time by days, minutes, hours Kairos: Sacred time. Time outside time. Lose track of time in a religious exp. Rites of passage: Ancestors: Sacrifice: Libation: Liquid sacrifice (pour a 40 for the homies) Shaman: Human being who contacts and attempts to manipulate the power of spirits for the tribe or group Sympathetic Magic: An attempt to influence the outcome of an event through an action that has an apparent similarity to the d e Divination: Totem: Sheet1 Page 2 this approach sees human activity as largely determined by such underlying structures it can be used for fidning underlying values in a text, film, artwork, cultural practice, or religious phenominon...
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RELG211 - Vocab1 - Animism Spirits in nature Taboo...

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