RELG211 - Sikhism overview

RELG211 - Sikhism overview - Gurdwara: A Sikh temple...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Sikhism: Five Ks: Kesh: Uncut hair and beard- in association with the lion and its power Khanga: Haircomb- to hold the long hair in place Kach: Special underwear- to indicate alertness and readiness to fight Kirpan: Sword- for defense Kara: bracelet of steel- to symbolize strength Sikhism is from Punjab (Northern India) Founder of Sikhism: Nanak -Born in 1469 in now-Pakistan -Disappeared for three days in the woods ->Found God -->Sikh god is: known as the True Name- signifying that all names and terms that are applied to God are limited, because the d Adi Granth: Sacred book of the Sikhs Three parts: -Japji: moderately long poem by Guru Nanek
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Unformatted text preview: Gurdwara: A Sikh temple Develops out of the inner-connectedness of two religions:-Hinduism and Islam Developed in Northwestern India (Punjabi)-Developed in the 1400s Islam is strict monotheism Disciple translates into Sikh Goal of reincarnation is to break free of physical being Sikhs can eat meat like Muslims Guru Nanek was the first of ten original gurus Singh: Means lion Khalsa: Baptism Langar: Community kitchen Sheet1 Page 2 the hair on the head is usually worn in a topknot covered with a turban or cloth literal translation is Original Collection...
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RELG211 - Sikhism overview - Gurdwara: A Sikh temple...

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