RELG211 - Vocab 4

RELG211 - Vocab 4 - Taoism Vocab List Tao Defies...

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Taoism Vocab List Tao: Defies description; nameless, no form, only experienced by things that HAVE names Lao Tzu: Man who was thought to have started Taoism, was on a journey out of the city and was recognized as a great scholar and was required to write down all that he knew Tao Te Ching: Resultant book from Laotsi Ta'i Chi: Slow, fluid movements thought to increase balance and help circulation Wu Wei: effortlesness, no action; nonspontaneous action; i.e. nature, animals in natural setting Internal Alchemy: Transforming and spiritualizing the life force of the pracitioner; essentially the quest for longevity and balance in life Qi: Universal life force Yin: Female, associated with earth, water, cold, darkness, reception, passive, tiger Yang: Male, associated with fire, sky, activity, metal, light, dragon ---- Confucianism Confucius: Chinese philosopher; teaches importance of morality Five Virtues: -Ren: Empathy -Li: Benevolence -Shu: Reciprocity -Xiao: Filial piety -Wen: Cultural refinement
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RELG211 - Vocab 4 - Taoism Vocab List Tao Defies...

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