Psych Lecture 7

Psych Lecture 7 - Sheet1 Page 1 Motivation (cont)...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Motivation (cont) Achievement Motivation: -Extrinsic Motivation: Directed toward external reward (i.e. working for money)-Intrinsic Motivation: Directed toward internal satisfaction ->Intrinsic people tend to have higher self esteem Need Achievement: Specific motive to master tasks Subjective Wellbeing: Blend of feeling satisfied with life often having positive emotions and infrequently having negative emoti-> Blend of satisfication with life-> Frequent positive emotions-> Infrequently negative emotions Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Need to satisfy the five stages of needs before can be truly happy Physiological: Food, sleep, water, shelter, air Safety: Secure source of income, and a place to live Belongingness and Love: Being part of social groups and affectionate relationships with others Esteem: Include feeling competant and confident, achievement and individuality Self Actualization: Becoming all that you are capable of->Very few people achieve self-actualization---------------------------------------------------------- Emotion: Four defining characteristics: 1. Emotion is temporary 2. Emotions arise partly from cognitive appraisals and alter thinking 3. Emotions bring about an action tendency->action tendency: a motivation to behave in a certain way 4. Emotions are passions that happen to you-Not something you can create on purpose Involve expressive displays and physiological responses:...
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Psych Lecture 7 - Sheet1 Page 1 Motivation (cont)...

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