Psych Lecture 8

Psych Lecture 8 - Adolescence-Begins with a sudden growth...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Adolescence - -Begins with a sudden growth spurt -Pressure becomes an issue in families -Time when we are exploring our identities Puberty: The beginning of reproductive capability -Causes dramatic bodily changes -Marks early adolescence Identity crisis: "Who am I? Where do I fit in?" -Not isolated to adolescence -Struggle to create a unique self image -Marks late adolescence -Questions about sexuality, family, etc Morality: Highschool is when people start thinking about right and wrong -Kohlberg studied three stages of moral reasoning: (based on reasons given for moral choices) ->1. Preconventional: Moral judgements are selfish, trying to avoid punishment during this stage ->2. Conventional: Moral judgements consider other people. Follows rules, conventions, vows ->3. Postconventional: Moral judgements are made on the universal pricipals of justice, equality, and human rights -Based on the reasons why we make choices Adulthood - Greatest threat to late adulthood cognitive ability is Alzheimer's Disease 40-50yr old: -In 40s, we look to produce something to outlast ourselves -i.e. children Generativity: Trying to generate something Two kinds: Parenthood vs Achievement: Two things in conflict with eachother regarding leaving something that will outlive you Mid-life transition: During this period (40s), we modify our lives and relationships, usually for the better. We ask what is more i m -Stress control over job, finances, marriage, children sex life, level of education, type of work you're doing Health psychology: Studies how psychological influences affect physical health ->Tries to teach people how their behaviour and decision making affects their health -Also study our response to illness Leading causes of death in US have become chronic illnesses -Heart disease -Cancer As many as half of US deaths are attributed to preventable lifestyle behaviours ------ Stress: Process of adapting to changes demanded of you (could by physical or psychological) Stressors: Events to which you must react -i.e. a tornado Stress reactions: Physical, psychological and behavioural responses in the face of stressors Mediating factors: Affect the interaction between stressors and stress reaction
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Psych Lecture 8 - Adolescence-Begins with a sudden growth...

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