Psych Lecture 11

Psych Lecture 11 - Somatoform Disorders Involve symptoms of...

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Sheet1 Somatoform Disorders: Involve symptoms of a somatic (physical) disorder without a physical cause ->Psychological disorders that take physical form Four types: -Conversion Disorder: One appears to be blind, deaf, paralyzed or insensitive to pain in parts of the body but actually aren't in ->Conversion meaning that a psychological problem will present in a physical form -Hypochondriasis: Strongly but unnecessarily fear specific illnesses ->No physical signs or symptoms -Somatization: Relay very dramatic accounts of a whole number of ailments to a doctor -Pain Disorder: Severe, often constant pain with no physical cause ->Individuals are actually feeling pain -Dissociative Disorders: Rare, and characterized by temporary disruptions in memory, identity and consciousness Three types: -Dissociative Fugue: Suddenly lose all autobiographical memory -Dissociative Amnesia: Also involves sudden memory loss, but usually retains autobiographical memory, and do not leave hom -Dissociative Identity Disorder: Each identity may speak, act, and write differently ->Each identity has its own memories, ->Personality shifts are sudden and dramatic ->People who have this have endured a tramatic childhood event, usually abuse -Mood (affective) Disorders: Involve extremes of mood Several categories: -Depressive Disorders: -Major Depressive Disorder: Involves feeling sad or hopeless for long time periods (usually 6-10 weeks) ->Person often loses interest in all activities ->Feelings of guilt, inadequecy and worthlessness ->Also presents with a change in eating habits
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Psych Lecture 11 - Somatoform Disorders Involve symptoms of...

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