Psych Lecture 5

Psych Lecture 5 - *Final Exam is heavily weighted in the...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ***Final Exam is heavily weighted in the area of Intelligence*** Thought: Different functions attached to it that you should be aware of, uh, one way of thinking of this is the circle of thought The circle of thought describes five main functions of human thinking: To describe To elaborate To decide To plan To execute Information-Processing System: -Receives information -Represents info with symbols -Manipulates the symbols Thinking: Manipulation of mental representations Five ways information can be represented: 1. Cognitive map: Mental representations of your physical environment ->Don't need to see what's there to build this kind of map ->General experience of moving through your environment is needed 2. Images: Mental representations of visual information 3. Concepts: Categories of objects with common properties -Concept of vehicles (i.e. they have wheels, drive around, have steering wheels, etc) Different concepts to be aware of: Formal concept: Defines objects by a set of rules -Each member of the concept has ALL of the defining properties and no non-member does ->i.e: squares: All squares are two dimensional, four equal sides, four 90* angles (all fit this rule, and no non-squares fit this ru Natural concept: Not all properties are in common, but most are ->i.e: a home (a place to live, a family, etc) but people's views differ
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Psych Lecture 5 - *Final Exam is heavily weighted in the...

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