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Sheet1 Page 1 Two main branches of Buddhism: Theraveda and Mahayana Theraveda: Way of the elders -Hinayana: means small vehicle ->Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Burma(Myanmar) Mahayana: Big vehicle -Vietnam Pure land, Zen, Lotus (Tibetan), Vajrayana (Buddhism + Bon(indigenous Tibetan Religion)) Theraveda Buddhism doesn't go far in China, because they stress ancestry worship Mahayana Buddhism is prevalent because of the ideas behind it Lotus School of Buddhism: Based on a text called the Lotus Sutra. -All beings can actualize their Buddha nature and become Buddhist -Philosophy of All is one and One is all. -Every color or every fragrance is a crystallization of the middle path -Every teaching is an embodiment of the essence of ultimate emptiness or true suchness -Follows that all beings have Buddha nature in them, and can be saved.
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Unformatted text preview: Hua Yen School of Buddhism: Based on a text called Garland/wreath teaching-Everything is interrelated, all phenomenon penetrate themselves Pure Land Buddhism: Form of Buddhism where there is a figure called Amitabha, sometimes Amita Tthought to be the Buddha who presides over the Pure Land, or Western Paradise-Mostly what Christians think of when they think of Heaven-Belief in the Buddha and Pure Land is what gets you to the Paradise, not good actions Zen Buddhism: Ch'an Buddhism in China.-Roots in legend that the Buddha gave a sermon by holding up a flower, and only one student understood what it meant.-Bodi Dharma created it in 520C.E.-Through sitting meditation comes enlightenment Equinemity: Detachment. Doesn't matter what happens. Whatever outcome happens, it's okay....
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