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RELG211 - Lecture 8

RELG211 - Lecture 8 - Satori Brief flash of enlightenment...

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Unformatted text preview: Satori: Brief flash of enlightenment Koens: Famous book of Koens: Gateless Gate - Used by a Buddhist Master in 1228 -The Blue Cliff Record is another book of Koens Koen comes by grace, _Not logic_ Many right answers but also no answers Koen is to reduce drunken speech and wandering mindlessness A woman stood on the bank across a river as two monks approached. She did not wish to get her new clothes wet, so one of the monks, with not much to do, carried her across the river. Down the road, the second monk asked him, "How can you have carried that woman across the river? Surely it's against the commandments to touch women!" The first monk replied, "I set her down on the other bank of the river, but YOU are still carrying her." - Famous Koen In a book, Pema Chodron talks about four limitless qualities: -Loving Kindness -End of Suffering -Rejoicing -Equinimity Tibetan Buddhism -Throat-singing/polyphonic singing Dalai Lama: Ocean Teacher, literally. Political and religious figure Panchen Lama: Mahayana Buddhism: -Zen/Ch'an Buddhism ->Rinzai(Japanese pronunciation)/Linchi(Chinese) ->Soto(J)/T'Sao-tung(C) Koen is supposed to break a monk's logical thinking pattern...
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