RELG211 - Lecture 9 (Jainism)

RELG211 - Lecture 9 (Jainism) - Jainism The word"jain...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Jainism: The word "jain" means "conqueror" comes from **JINA** Jainism originated in India during the 6th-century BCE There are about 4.5 million Jains world-wide (mostly in India) Jainism offers a new teaching/methodology, an alternative view for moksha Asceticism: Practicing self-denial The "Agamas" (tradition) Purvas: Don't exist in their entirety, Angas: Elven Angas, The sermons of Mahavira and dialogues with his disciples Upangas - "lesser limbs", 12 of them Prakirnakas Chedasutras Culikasutras Malasutra *Note: Original language of the Agamas is Prakrit Not considered to be divinely revealed such as the Quran or the Bible or Upanishads Mahavira: Title, not the name of a person. Means "Great hero" -Born into the Kshatriya class -Born as Nataputta Vardhamana -24th Tirthankara -Quickly tires if the princely life that he led with the five nurses fulfilling his every need -Waited for his parents to pass away before thinking of Jainism ->Happens when he is 30, he dreams that a God comes to him and explains Jainism
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RELG211 - Lecture 9 (Jainism) - Jainism The word"jain...

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