RELG211 - Lecture 5 (Buddhism)

RELG211 - Lecture 5 (Buddhism) - Four passing sights: ->...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Four passing sights: -> First exposure with. .. -(Siddhartha)He came upon someone who was old -Came upon someone who was sick -Came upon corpse -Came upon a saanyasi (see Hinduism. Person who renounced -everything-) ->Buddha wanted to be like the saanyasi Age 29: Wanted to break out of the bondage of being stuck in the palace and decided to leave ->Had married and had a son before this ->Thought life in the palace would be nothing but meaninglessness Buddha changes his clothes, cuts his hair, etc, before leaving the palace Legend of Buddha states that he got to a point of renouncing things to where he only ate one grain of rice per day Decided to sit until he could figure out the answer to life's meaningful questions ->Gave up self-denial ->Adopted a moderated life-style in place of renouncing everything At some point when sitting under the bodi tree, he became enlightened when he finally woke up ->became the Buddha ->Learned what causes suffering and how to end it ->Also woke up to learn the nature of the world
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RELG211 - Lecture 5 (Buddhism) - Four passing sights: ->...

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